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Glad I workout like I do, because it enables me to do all the other fun stuff like ski, play hockey, go for long bike rides, etc. Legs are TOAST from skiing in Saturday and Sunday. I guess it's a good thing, maybe it will help my squat!!


It's Friday!

Another week in the books. Felt sore today from this weeks workouts, which I guess is a good thing. Especially since this is my first 4-workout week in quite a while!

You guys see the Crossfit Games videos? Jesus. They had Miranda on there interviewing people. Her arms are much larger and far more cut than mine. The only thing I have going on her? My chest is significantly larger. Well, maybe the same size. Love Crossfit for getting people in shape. Don't know if I like it for turning women into men....


These are cool!!

Some non-gym workouts that would be fun to try. I like the one about digging up dirt and throwing it into a big trash can and then squatting with it. 


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No matter where you're starting -- light weights, heavy weights, weights you've lifted for 10 reps and are now lifting for 5 reps -- the key is progress. Constantly improving. Constantly pushing the bar (no pun intended) a little higher and a little higher. Give yourself a baseline and improve upon it each time you walk into the gym.


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Almost spring

Longer days...warmer weather...easier to get up for the gym in the morning...outdoor workouts.

All things around the gym are looking up!!



This is good. Made it to the gym today, will workout tomorrow. Should feel like a normal person again soon.

Giddy up. I got nothin else. I'll get a good post ready for Monday.


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So today was the football total -- 1 rep max in the following lifts:

Power clean
Bench press

Not as much fun as doing this one with a group of Compton, Venice, and Timmy G, but still a good time.


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Sorry, I was on vacation!! I'm back and I'll make sure I get posts on here so we can watch the progression of Timmy G's neck muscles!!

The crossfit games started. I'm going to try all of the workouts even though I did not sign up. Remember, there is training and there is testing. Regardless of how you train, here's a good test of your strength/fitness/etc. I'm not into long workouts and crazy amounts of reps in my normal workouts. But training with shorter, more intense workouts can and will prepare us for "crossfit games" type workouts. So give it a whack and see how it goes. No one is going to care if you would have finished first or dead last out of the 100,000 people who signed up (yup, 2 mil right off the bat for them....)



Been trying to figure out what the hell B3 stands for....

Vitamin B3?
Back, Biceps, Buttocks?

Someone tell me!!!